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Timeline of the BTAP project

Chief Red Crow

Red Crow was made Chief in 1870 and recognized the need for change.

"Chief Red Crow built the first house on the reserve, planted the first crop and brought the first cattle. He was the first to use oxen and furniture and his wives where the first Bloods to make yeast bread"

The Lethbridge Herald, August 5, 1969, Page 3.


  • 1877Chief Red Crow signed Treaty 7 under the Indian Act (1867)

  • 1977 BTAP Concept

  • 1978 Blood Band Ranch Incorporates

  • 1989 Tripartite Agreement

  • 1989 Blood Tribe Irrigation Bylaw

  • 1993 – 42 Years Headlease

  • 1994 BTAP Incorporated

  • 1997 Blood Tribe Forage Processing Plant Incorporated

  • 2012 SCADA system upgrades

  • 2013 Sawkee Feedlot Incorporated

  • 2018 Aohkii (2018) Ltd.

Born in 1830, in the wake of the declining buffalo herds and a rise in disease, Chief Red Crow lead the Blood to take up farming as means to preserve the life of his people, it’s indigenous culture and political freedom. Red Crow died quietly on the banks of the Belly River on August 28, 1900.