Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (BTAP)

BTAP is located on the Blood Indian Reserve in Southern Alberta, Canada. There are several different aspects which formulates our organization.

  • AOHKII (2018) LTD.
  • Blood Tribe Irrigation Management
  • Mataki Farms
  • Blood Tribe Forage Processing

Board of Directors


Hank Shade

Vice President

Lance Tailfeathers


Kyla Crow

Board Member

Kirby Many Fingers

Board Member

Marcel Weasel Head

Irrigation Systems

The Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (BTAP) irrigation system was developed in collaboration with Blood Tribe Chief and Council members and professional engineers and technicians. BTAP was developed in collaboration with the Federal and Provincial Government, known as the Tri-Partite Agreement. It is unique as its water delivery system runs through the Blood Reserve. It incorporates 33 km of open canals and contains a 6,000 cu/dam capacity reservoir. Water diverted from the St. Mary-Belly Diversion Canal is then distributed to productions lands by an underground pipeline distribution “closed system” in which the water does not flow back into the river basin.

Distribution Layout

Site Management

FieldNET Hardware

  • Keeps track of the entire system, pivot by pivot
  • Receive updates on live status and position of each pivot
  • Receive daily, weekly and monthly water usage reports
  • Remotely control pivots from office
  • Farmers can view the status of their pivots but are not allowed access to remote control
  • 18 Mataki pivots are hooked up with FieldNET