Mataki Farms' Infrastructure Project

The Mataki Farms manages 18 center pivot irrigated fields, with a total of 2262 acres under cultivation. On this land is a potato warehouses with a 10,000 ton storage capacity and a Wash and Pack warehouse, which is used for seed potatoes.

The land is located on the North side of the Blood Indian Reserve (approx. 30 km west of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada).

Soil & Climate

  • Semi-Arid, Dark Brown, Sandy Loam
  • 14”-18” Precipitation per Year
  • 100-115 Growing Days

The Mataki Farm Infrastructure Project was initiated in 1999, a result from the Economic Leakage Study conducted by the Blood Tribe Economic Development Department. The project was estimated at a cost of $6.5 M, which included the modernization and refurbishing of the original irrigation system installed in the 70's. The development was a three year undertaking.

Primary crops grown are Seed Potatoes and Cereal Crops.

Mataki Distribution Layout