The Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991) is located on the Blood Tribe Reserve in Southern Alberta, Canada. Click here to read a Prospectus.

The Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991) was incorporated on June 25, 1991, in order to promote, encourage and enhance agricultural investment in the Blood tribe, and to create incentives for investment and job creation. We work together with Aohkii Investment Property Management, The Blood Tribe Forage Processing Plant, Mataki Farms, The Sawkee Feedlot, and the Blood Band Ranch to improve the well-being and wealth of our members.

The Blood Tribe Agricultural Project's purpose is to act as a tree holding all the branches together. We communicate across each branch to be sure everything is running smoothly, and do our best to help every branch meet their customer's needs.

The mission of the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project is to continue to expand relationships and seek new investment, markets, technology, and management expertise to contribute to growth in the Blood Tribe economy.

The Blood Tribe Indian Reserve uses three rivers as natural boundaries: the Belly River to the west; Oldman River to the north; and the St. Mary River to the east. The Kainai (Blood Tribe) are proud members of the Blackfoot Confederacy, which includes the Piikani, Siksikam and South Peigan (Blackfeet). The Blood Tribe has a population of over ten thousand occupying approximately 549.7 square miles or 344,500 acres. The Blood Tribe Indian Reserve is the largest reserve in Canada.