Mataki Farms' Infrastructure Project

The Mataki Farms manages 18 center pivot irrigated fields, with a total of 2262 acres under cultivation.

The land is located on the North side of the Blood Indian Reserve (approx. 30 km west of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada).

Soil & Climate

  • Semi-Arid, Dark Brown, Sandy Loam
  • 14”-18” Precipitation per Year
  • 100-115 Growing Days

The Mataki Farm Infrastructure Project was initiated in 1999, a result from the Economic Leakage Study conducted by the Blood Tribe Economic Development Department. The project was estimated at a cost of $6.5 M, which included the modernization and refurbishing of the original irrigation system installed in the 70's. The development was a three year undertaking.

Primary crops grown are Timothy Hay and Cereal Crops.

Mataki Distribution Layout