Established 1997, the Blood Tribe Forage Processing Plant (BTFPP) is a subsidiary company of the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project. Its purpose is to grow premium grade Timothy Hay for clients as its primary resource (75%). The hay is grown on 6,000 acres of irrigated land within the larger 25,000 acre irrigation project. The secondary resource is alfalfa (25%).


  • Compact and densify the forage products (process) and package them for export to international market
  • Provide secure, clean and dry storage, to meet standards for inventory and security for pre-processed forage products.
  • Grow and market Timothy Hay to the Japanese market and expand to other international market destinations
  • Buy and sell forage products
  • Provide marketing activities for processed hay in international and domestic markets

It is committed to producing and processing premium grade compressed Timothy Hay and Alfalfa to worldwide customers who value First Nation products from Canada. Our company stands by the quality of timothy hay produced and guarantees satisfied customers when the hay is delivered.

The land is located on the North End of the Blood Indian Reserve (approx. 30 km west of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada).

Soil & Climate

  • Semi-Arid, Dark Brown, Sandy Loam
  • 14”-18” Precipitation per Year
  • 100-115 Growing Days

The Blood Tribe Indian Reserve has a unique advantage for producing high quality timothy hay. Optimum climate, coupled with controlled irrigation, enables BTAP to guarantee supply to world markets. Presently we have entered into a joint venture with a proven partner and created Alberta Timothy Marketing Corporation. In the future, BTAP will be positioned as a world leader in marketing forage.

The project employs 45 tribal members.


2 cuts a year on average


3 cuts a year on average

Our Products

Mag-Big Bale Format Forage Product

Japanese End User

Dairy Operation