The Sawkee Feedlot was established in the early 70's. The feedlot has pens with a capacity of 2500 head of cattle. In addition, the feedlot has silage storage capacities. The feedlot has a sick bay and handling facilities, a feed mill, and a feedlot pumphouse. All these facilities are used in the process to prepare cattle for shipping.

The land is located on the North end of the Blood Indian Reserve (approx. 30 km west of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada).

Soil & Climate:

  • Semi-Arid, Dark Brown, Sandy Loam
  • 14"-18" Precipitation Per Year
  • 100-115 Growing Days

The purpose of the Sawkee Feedlot is to work with the Blood Band Ranch in backgrounding and finishing livestock. We will be working together with the Blood Band Ranch to provide Natural beef for high end restaurants. We will be marketing our Natural Beef locally, nationally, and internationally. The Sawkee Feedlot was built to provide another marketing source for the Blood Tribe Ranchers. We work together with these ranchers to provide the best marketing and sales solutions possible. The Sawkee Feedlot provides job for the Kainai people; we are 100% community owned and operated.