The Blood Band Ranch was established in the 30’s. The ranch has 19,000 grazing acres available. This gives us the capacity to raise 1,000 head of cattle. The Blood Band Ranch has built Ranch headquarters with all the required facilities.

The land is located on the North side of the Blood Reserve (approx. 20 km west of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada).

Soil & Climate:

  • Semi-Arid, Dark Brown, Sandy Loam
  • 14” – 18” Precipitation Per Year
  • 100 – 115 Growing Days
  • Short Grass Climate

The purpose of the Blood Band Ranch is to establish a cow/calf operation for the community. We buy and sell livestock from the community ranchers. The Blood Band Ranch raises Natural Beef, which can be sold at a premium to high-end restaurants. We will market our beef locally, nationally, and internationally. The Blood Band Ranch is a 100% community owned and employed business.