Aohkii Investment Property Management was established by the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991) shareholders in 1994 to oversee twelve subsidiary companies. The primary purpose of these companies is to lease out lands, pumps, and pivots on behalf of the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991) to end users (lessees, partners, and joint ventures). It is the responsibility of Aohkii Investment Property Management to negotiate, execute, and monitor lease agreements and to pursue profitable investment of real assets, including lands, capital facilities, and equipment.

The twelve companies under Aohkii Investment Property Management together lease 18,380.13 irrigated acres, and 104 pivots and pumps. These pivots and pumps are operated and maintained by the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991) Operations and Maintenance division.

We will work cooperatively and in partnership with all our lessees, partners, and joint ventures to maximize the success of the Aohkii Investment Property Management's operations.

Aohkii Investment Property Management is committed to providing sound, profitable, and sustainable property management ventures for the Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1991).